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Youth Advocacy

Growing up on the east side of Kansas City, I have always understood the risks and opportunities our youth face. Because of my experience, I understand that it takes more than programs and campaigns to change the lives of the youth in Kansas City. Our youth are one of the most vulnerable populations in the city, and our decisions, and the way we make them, should reflect this. 


What I’ve done so far:

I have worked with youth on violence prevention messaging and campaigning, youth outreach efforts and COVID-19 vaccine adoption plans. While working with youth, I made sure that they were involved in the entire process and had the power to make changes to the projects at any point. 


What I’ll do next: 

As your Councilwoman, I am prepared to implement actual change that will expand youth representation, making certain youth are empowered and youth voices are valued. If elected, we can uplift youth voices city-wide and reform the way in which youth voices are listened to by the city council. We can recognize the need to work hand in hand with the youth, to develop a better future together.

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